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Aerial View of Distribution Center

Mission Statement

Our mission at Compa Logistics is to provide exceptional logistics solutions that optimize warehouse operations, streamline supply chain processes, and drive business success. We are committed to delivering reliable, personalized, and innovative services while maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and customer satisfaction.

Our Logo

COMPA means partner in Spanish; pronounced as cohm-pah.

The hand pointing symbolizes your product .

The revolving arrows symbolize a fluid and established logistical partnership.

The thumbs up symbolizes your satisfaction.


Our Story

What Sets Us Apart from the Competition?

Our Story

Geras with the words Past and Future etched into them

Compa Logistics Inc. opened its doors in December of 2016 with our first building location in South Carolina. Our business was created to help businesses get dependable and trustworthy warehousing services and support. The principles of our business is entirely dedicated to the seamless and dependable movement of freight, emphasizing efficiency, safety, and high quality work. When engaging with our customers, our primary aim is to understand their intricate demands and significant obstacles. The logistical procedures we implement are aimed to establish quicker, more streamlined, and intelligent distribution networks that are custom-fitted to address those specific needs of our partners.

Signs showing a light bulb, the word Reputation, and the word Management

Although we are rapidly expanding throughout North America, Compa Logistics Inc. currently has multiple sites across the US and Canada--with our largest hubs of activity being California and South Carolina. When you place your trust in our hands to manage your operation, our utmost priority is to furnish you with an unparalleled level of service, driven by the expertise and proficiency of our skilled and highly qualified professionals. We are dedicated to prioritizing your customers by delivering the right products at the right time, aligning operational efficiency with customer satisfaction.

Our Reputation

Our Values

Group of hands together

​At our core, we prioritize safety, fostering a protective environment where well-being is paramount. Our dedication to inclusivity thrives on diverse identities and experiences, driving innovation. At Compa Logistics Inc., we cultivate a sense of belonging that honors each individual and adapts to their unique requirements. Our commitment lies in leaving a positive impact on people, partners, and the planet, achieved through responsible, ethical business practices that exceed expectations. By continuously pushing the boundaries, we provide groundbreaking solutions to even the most formidable challenges, leveraging the collective expertise of our dedicated teams and valued partners to drive impactful developments.

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